Precision and Accuracy

I have a problem.

It is a big problem, and it has taken some time for me to come to terms with it.

As a professional scientist (and that is what we archies like to think of ourselves as), I am supposed to do precise work. This means precise, accurate measurements, precisely recorded data, and clearly, and precisely presented results.

I am also the world’s shittiest asshole of an editor. Everybody makes mistakes, but most people have the mental focus to go through their work, catch their mistakes and hopefully fix them. When editing my own work I tend to gloss things over and not pay close enough attention. This leads to things like occasionally dropped periods, missing articles (a, the, an) or really obnoxiously stupid stuff like writing southeast when I mean to say southwest. I have gotten in trouble for it before, and so I have been more conscious of the problem and have made a valiant attempt to lessen it. But I still miss things.

My wife suggested making myself a checklist and systematically going through my drafts to make sure all is there. I think this is a good start. Also must start reading what I wrote out loud to myself so that I force myself to slow down and look at every word.

I don’t know if I have any actual readers on this page, but if any of you have suggestions to make, then please make them.


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