More friends going :(

One of the worst things about the semi-sedentary lifestyle my wife and I have is that we’re constantly loosing friends. It doesn’t help when your friends lead much the same kind of lifestyles. Erin (my wife) works at the Western Washington University Arch lab as a collections manager, so she’s managed to befriend some really cool student types.

Erin gets a cookie!

We became particularly good friends with Jamie and Alyson Palmer, and this week they’re moving down to Utah. Jamie got a good position with the BLM in Salt Lake City, and Alyson will be doing work with the Park Service near Vernal this summer. We took advantage of the nice weather today and invited friends for a going away cookout. It was a good time. Shane brought home made guacamole, and somebody brought a broccoli salad. Since this is America, we also had lots of burgers and beer.

(L-R) Alyson, Jamie, Ashely, Jo.

Whitney and Brant brought their dog Sadie over. She’s the brown one. The little beggy looking fellow is my dog Ivan.

Very beggy.

We closed off with a game of semi-drunken Cranium

and a little fire. Always time for fire. Even if it’s just a little one.



Anyway, congratulations and happy trails to Jamie and Alyson.


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