Precision and Accuracy. Part the Second.

I tried my wife’s checklist suggestion today on a report I’m working on. It worked. I caught about four or five small but obnoxious errors that I made.

I set up a list as follows:
Map locations/labels
Figure/table captions
Cover Page info
Table of Contents headings/Pg #s
Footer formatting
# of sites/surveys in project area
compass directions of objects/sites
References cited/ (match to in-text citations)
Shovel probe/soil data
CRM laws mentioned/identified

This forced me to go through the document a few times and pay really close attention to particular aspects. This worked better than the quick skim that often passes for my editing efforts. It takes much longer though, so unfortunately the cost will have to be passed on to our clients.

Tomorrow morning I’ll give the report one more read-through out loud to make sure everything is consistent and my arguments cogent.

That’s a nice Dr. John term right there šŸ™‚


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