Wandering Days are Here Again

At last I feel compelled to update. This news has been brewing for over a month now, but I didn’t feel confident about sharing it until things were more set in stone.

At long last I’m moving back east!

Really far east though. Like, east coast east.

I’ve always wanted to live on the east coast and at last things have fallen into place. I don’t want to share anything specific at the moment. But my wife landed a very nice job for herself at a museum, and I myself will also be doing archaeological research on some Civil War era sites when we get out there.

That is very cool.

What is also cool is that the Mid Atlantic region up to southern New England is one city after another. And what do cities have? Cities have colleges and universities. I can redouble my effort to land some adjunct teaching jobs at these schools and at last get back into academia.



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