Engendering the Past. Part, the second

After a bit more research today I discovered that Beverly R. Codwise was actually a man.

An interesting man though.

He was born in 1844, and may or may not have been the same Beverly Randolph Codwise who served as a private in the 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion.

Yes, Virginia! What more, the 39th was Robert E. Lee’s personal cavalry unit.
I still haven’t figured out if Mr. Codwise was a native Virginian who moved to Maryland after the war, or if he was from Maryland.

In either case, his presence in a Confederate unit is not surprising, when one remembers that Maryland was a slave state, and many Maryland planters were sympathetic to the southern cause. The State even took a vote on whether or not to secede.

Whatever the case may have been, in 1872 Mr. Codwise began to buy large tracts of land in Montgomery County Maryland.

He had a son with his second wife Mary Codwise. The child, also named Beverly R. Codwise was born in May of 1880, who died two months later.

Mr. Codwise began to sell of small parcels of his land at the turn of the century, when the suburban living movement took off and the small towns around DC began to grow. A portion of his land was deeded to the Montrose School, a small two room schoolhouse built in 1908 which still stands today.

Mr. Codwise died in 1924 and is buried at Rockville Cemetery.



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