MALARKY! and braaaaiiinnssss

Today is going to be a blitz update. Just a stray thought before it escapes into the ether entirely.


Why are they so popular?

There is a lot of talk about zombies reflecting social ills and how they are metaphors for rampant consumerism and all that.  I cry bullshit!

They may serve those needs nicely, but zombies give writers, film makers, artists, and especially fans, carte blanche to do messed up things to the human body without the  guilt one might feel about deriving pleasure from pain (the physical kind) of our fellow man.

They fetishize maiming and mutilation.

They let us off the hook to visualize the awful damage we can cause to the human body.  I think that release holds a certain appeal to many people. Not because they’re ticking time bombs. Quite the opposite. It may be that the zombie experience, and the guiltless and inconsequential laying on of bloody-violence to the human form is cathartic,  and it may even reset the clock on those time bombs?

I don’t know. I hate gore in films (Especially in “An Uncomfortable Truth”), and find the idea of a zombie apocalypse absolutely terrifying and depressing.

That is all I have to say about that.



2 comments on “MALARKY! and braaaaiiinnssss

  1. holamiis says:

    oy, wherever did this come from? Bored at work? I feel you are spot on about it though. I hate zombie anything, because it is all about how do we kill ’em and showing that in the most graphic way.

    ‘Warm Bodies’ is perhaps the opposite of this but ugh, Zombie/human lovin’? Too much.

  2. softscience says:

    Warm Bodies is a Zom Rom Com 🙂

    Its supposed to be rather good.

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