The last few months

I haven’t updated for a few months as there wasn’t much going on in terms of archaeology for me. I had been working on project reports and some quick and dirty faunal analyses of sites from the south.

Most recently I helped one of our company’s other head archaeologists on an 18th century plantation site near Quantico, Virginia. The plantation was build in the 1740s and abandoned sometime in the first half of the 19th century.

The site had been badly looted before we got out there.

When we got out there we knew where the main house was, as there was a big pit in the location of the cellar.


We tried to find some of the outbuildings, but had no real success. In a few of our test units we found a large number of brick fragments and wire cut nails, which suggest buildings might have been demolished in the vicinity. Still, nothing definitive, like a floor or foundations.

There was this brick square. At first we caught it in a small shovel test pit, but after opening up two 1 x 1 m test units around the feature we began to notice that the bricks look like they’re 20th century, and post-date the plantation.


Still no clue as to what it may be.

Tomorrow I begin work on one of my own projects. We’re going to be checking out portions of a historic town on the Susquehanna River near the MD/PA border where a bridge replacement might damage the remains of some 18th century buildings. I’ll be posting frequent updates.